It’s 2025. Agentive technology with a wellness focus is built into all connected devices. Holi is a holistic personal assistant that does the things you don’t want to or really need to do so you can focus on what's truly important in life.

why is it important?

Holi smoothes people’s path to better physical, mental, and spiritual health by maneuvering the complex constraints that take up time and mental space. This assistant makes it easier for people struggling to survive to think beyond today.

what are the features?

Getting to know your needs and wants

_Holi learns that you have a nut allergy, that you want to make more time for your kids, and that lately, mounting responsibilities have made you feel more anxious.

_You can guide and govern Holi’s moves and knowledge, and she’ll learn more over time.

A personal assistant for everyone

_Based on the level of autonomy you’ve granted, Holi does the legwork, loops you in as needed, and reports back when tasks are completed.

_For example, it knows you will need to grab dinner on your way home from work. Taking into account your meal preferences, high cholesterol, time, and budget constraints, Holi can suggest a couple of good options, order, pay, and guide you to pick up your meal on the route home.

Wellness support when you need it, your way

_Based on your goals, Holi can sense your wellbeing and track your physical activity and sleep. It nudges you towards better health by knowing how and when to get you motivated.

_Holi can detect mood and stress levels and help navigate difficult situations. For example, when there is very little money left at the end of the month, Holi can suggest ways to stretch your dollars.

_Holi can also encourage less harmful coping mechanisms. If sharing is enabled, it can connect with health service providers or people in your support systems in more serious situations.

how does it work?

_These intelligent, personal voice assistants are embedded into all connected devices and enabled by a network of sensors and interconnected data sets.

_Mood and stress levels are detected through tone of voice, wearable, and environmental monitoring sensors.

_Blockchain technology securely stores medical records held by individuals.

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