It’s 2025. Trust-based networks, enabled by informed matchmaking, are the norm. The Collective Capital platform (CoCap) powers community-based savings groups to build up financial resilience and lift people out of poverty.

why is it important?

Savings groups work. Where trust and connections have been eroded, technology can build secure systems on which trustworthy relationships can be formed. Working as a connected collective, individuals are able to unlock capital, identify investment opportunities, and grow their community’s resilience.

what are the features?

Smart matchmaking enables trust-based saving groups

_Groups are formed based on people’s network connections, their abilities to save and set goals, and their personality.

_People can overcome the taboo of personal financial challenges and increase their financial and mental resilience.

Building up emergency funds and credit scores

_Members contribute small amounts on a weekly basis, building up an emergency fund and individual credit scores along the way.

_Microloans are made to members in financial need.

Connected services present savings and growth opportunities

_CoCap utilizes publicly available and real-time information about its members to aid decision-making.

_It points out money saving possibilities, warns of upcoming financial problems, and identifies educational and income growth opportunities that really can make a difference.

how does it work?

_CoCap is an AI-powered platform that matches, senses, advises, and invests the groups’ money based on their guidance.

_Community Blockchains enable people to cooperate by providing transparency, privacy, and security.

_Social Impact Bonds back targeted micro loans.

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