American Housing

It’s 2030. U.S. priorities have shifted, and people, the planet and profit are more in balance. Shared values such as socioeconomic equity and integration are reflected in policies and aided by machine learning algorithms. In urban environments the focus is on smarter public housing that increases access and builds community.

why is it important?

People at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder are pushed to live farther away from their jobs—in less safe and more stressful neighborhoods with limited education options, fewer and lower paying jobs, and sparse healthy food options. Central housing that promotes diversity, integration, and community through cultural and social exposure will undoubtedly strengthen people’s health.

what are the features?

Residents and locations balance equity and access.

_Locations are chosen based on predictions of how the various neighborhood centers evolve over time. American Housing boosts economic growth, services, and opportunities for its many residents, and contributes to burgeoning community life.

_American Housing promotes social inclusion across income levels, social backgrounds, racial identities, and generations.

Architecture that boosts integration, community building, and wellness.

_Each housing community has a mix of private and shared modules (think: communal kitchens with vertical farming pantries, athletic fields, and playgrounds).

_Residents from both middle and low income groups are attracted to the homes’ modern and affordable design and prime location. Each resident pays the rent they can afford.

Community-based resource and skill-sharing.

_A resource and skill-share platform allows residents to trade mutually beneficial services and resources such as ride sharing or childcare to reduce costs while building strong circles of support.

how does it work?

_Machine learning algorithms use census data and shared personal data to optimize location, community makeup, and module arrangement for greater diversity, equitable access, and wellness.

_Lower income families are assisted by scaled rents and government subsidies.

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