Apply Principles for Inclusive Tech

To build a new culture of health and foster new business opportunities, we need to consider the unique challenges facing different communities.

Use the Principles for Inclusive Tech to build solutions that reach people who are systematically barred from access and opportunity.


[ Access ]

Promote Equitable Access

For many users, resources are limited, unstable and unreliable. Consider how the experience you offer, and the technologies or devices that make it accessible, can be more portable, flexible, and forgiving to meet people’s needs.

[ Connectedness ]

Encourage Social Connection

Living in poverty makes social isolation and exposure to toxic stress more acute. A sense of community goes a long way. Design face-to-face interactions, and promote cross-cultural integration among users to boost emotional and physical support and overcome inequality and segregation.

[ Resilience ]

Increase Agency + Resilience

Trauma, low self-esteem, and mental health illnesses such as depression are only amplified when you’re struggling to survive. Help your users overcome these challenges and build resilience by providing them with tools and information that promote confidence, self-efficacy, and agency.


think Big Picture

It’s impossible to think about health equity in a vacuum. It exists in the harmonious interplay of social, economic, and environmental forces. While a solution might dramatically improve housing or transportation for some; it may have negative impact on adjacent areas or communities. Think systematically. To ensure impact, you need to design for the right levers within a system and make sure you’re not inadvertently creating new types of inequity.

Design With not for

In order for designs to be truly inclusive, potential users need to help build them. Bring more people to the table. Then, let their voice be heard. Co-designing and collaboration ensure that solutions are richer and truly empathetic to people’s needs, values, and culture.

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