The Opportunity

Disrupting the forces of inequity that determine who gets to be healthy and who doesn’t is one of the biggest innovation opportunities of our time.

Whether you’re fighting a serious illness, mounting debt, or daily stress, prioritizing health isn’t always easy.

For people systematically excluded from good housing, education, transportation, or banking, the social forces affecting health are much harder to escape.

Maybe they have two jobs instead of one; maybe their trek home includes a dangerous walk; or maybe they have many mouths to feed with little money.

Health can take a backseat when you're trying to survive.

The best technologists, designers, and entrepreneurs are undaunted by complex problems, like connecting the world or electrifying the country.

Their dogged persistence and relentless innovation leads to solutions that transform the way we live, think, and feel.

Today, more than ever, we have the know-how to make tough problems simple.

We can harness the power of technology to design solutions that help everyone — regardless of wealth, race, or zipcode. So that everybody can be healthy on their own terms.

We’re inviting tech leaders and social entrepreneurs to reimagine the future of health and technology in the U.S.

Below are three ways to help remove the social, economic, and environmental barriers that make it hard for millions of people in America to live healthier lives:

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